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Strategic Procurement

Supporting you with planning or managing major client procurements or re-procurements in the private or public sector.


Contract Management

Helping you with developing your commercial strategy, negotiating your contract terms, working in concert with your legal, financial, technical and project management teams to define and implement your requirements within your preferred risk profile.


Assurance & Capability Building

Providing you with assurance or just a second opinion where procurement and contract matters intersect with your project governance or business transformation.

Supporting or mentoring your team delivering capital programmes or business transformations.

What services does FR5 Consulting provide?
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A combination of 20 years of procurement project experience and the ability to work within different constraints enables clients to have access to:

  • Transferable best practice from other projects

  • Evaluation of how best practice could or should be modified for the client's specific context

  • Defined solutions that are compliant, represent value and help achieve the client's business case


How does FR5 Consulting work?

As a versatile, dependable, value adding solution for your specialist procurement and contract needs; either as an interim lead or temporary member of your project or corporate team.


Also by:


  • Listening and learning so that we can deliver jointly what you as a client need, not just what your advisor knows

  • Working across the artificial boundaries of discipline or department to reach workable solutions for your stakeholders or shareholders

  • Helping you navigate the complexity of infrastructure procurement or business transformation to achieve compliant solutions that achieve your business case

Versatile Compliant Value

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